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  • Group Departure

  • Depart : KUL - CAN - KUL

    MH 376 KUL/CAN 0925-1335

    MH 377 CAN/KUL 1440-1850

  • Location : Guangzhou - Qingyuan - Zhaoqing

    Highlight : Visit to Yingxi Fenglin, Fairyland Cave + Boat Ride, Chihshin Cave, Dingwu Mountain, Glass Bridge, Guangzhou Wholesale Market, Pearl River Night View

  • Duration : 5 Days

  • Chinese Speaking Driver cum Guide


  • Purely Local Gourmet, Purely Relax & Leisure Tour
  • Flexible Itinerary According To Your Request
  •  Local wholesales Market Shopping Fun
  • "Exclusive" Service From Our Local Driver Cum Guide

While gathering at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), it indicates that you are just one step away from the prominent Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Upon arrival, you will set up to the breath-taking Yingxi Fenglin which acts as one of the must-visit scenic area due to its picturesque limestone peaks, streams and hills!

Then, your journey continues and brings you to Xianqiao Underground River. You will be touring the river with local-made boats for approximately 2 hours. Flowing from west to east, this 13-kilometre long river brings you nothing, but compelling calm and inspiration!

You know what, the following destination will be filled with extreme excitement as you will be heading towards Asia’s first cave suspended glass path – Rongdong Suspended Glass-bottomed Bridge! Walking on this instagrammable path will definitely boost your adrenaline and meanwhile, you will be able to see hundreds of limestones surrounding you.

When the last of the sun's rays cosseted behind soft grey cloud, you may enjoy the rest of the day in Ying Xi Feng Lin Boat Resort and experience the hot spring there.



Wake up in the morning to the comforting environment, you will first have your breakfast and then proceed to Dinghu Mountain. It is located in the northeast of Zhaoqing city. It gained its fame due to the Chinese religious practices and worships activities. Standing at the peak of approximately 1, 000 metres above the sea level with the cold breeze wiping through your cheeks, you will be amazed by the impressive view!

After that, you shall move on to Seven Star Crags. These crags aren’t like any other crags as they are naturally arranged in the same formation as the seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation. Legend has it that the pillars of limestone grew from stars that fell from the skies!

After visiting the crags, you will be transferred for dinner followed by another symbolic destination, Qixingyan Torii Square Music Fountain. You may immerse yourself in the well-lighted, varied and colourful musical fountain which floats on the lake.

After breakfast, you will head towards Guangzhou and shop endlessly in the well-known Onelink International Plaza and Yidelu which sells all kind of local Chinese salted and dried food.

During dinner, you will be tasting the signature “Buddha Jumps over the Wall” aka Buddha’s Temptations in Guangzhou style. This dish is very famous since the olden days and a typical recipe requires many ingredients including quail eggs, bamboo shoots, scallops, abalone and shark fin.

After tasting the mouth-watering Buddha’s Temptations, you will be given the chance to cruise around (on own expenses) the third largest river in China, Pearl River and this night cruise allows you to soak in the glorious night view of Guangzhou!

In the morning, while the sun casts the city in a golden sheen, you may have your breakfast and we will arrange the following destinations at your will. The suggested destinations include of wholesale clothing district and The Tea Market of the South.

Today’s lunch will be slightly different from the previous days as you are going to taste the fresh-from-the-sea ultra-huge seafood platter which cater for 10 persons each! Meanwhile, chefs will be showing you the process of making flaming chicken via flambé cooking technique.

After fulfilling the desire of your stomach, it’s time to depart to Shangxiajiu Pedestrain Street or Beijing Road Shopping District. These two districts are home to hundreds of shops including several malls and many great restaurants and Shangxiajiu Pedestrain Street even features an interesting mix of old European and Chinese architectures.

It’s dinner time, everybody! Let’s depart to the famous local restaurant which serves authentic and genuine roasted duck and roasted chicken.

If time permits, you will be tasting all sort of local Chinese food such as Nanxing Giner Milk, Yuanji Cheongfun, homemade Leong’s Roasted Pigeon and many more before departing back to the hotel.


Under the Guangzhou sunlight, Dimdoudak Dim Sum will be the first destination of the day and also the last destination in Guangzhou where you can enjoy a wide variety of freshly made dim sum before transferred to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport for your flight home.

Have a safe flight home and many happy sweet memories in such journey which filled with pure gourmet, fun and enjoyment!

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